Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm sooooo lucky!

I'm so fortunate to have such a wonderful, genuine friend...and she also happened to be my most recent swap partner (thanks Julie!) Kris surprised me with SO MANY goodies today,.. way over the top. She gave me TWO great books, Knit One, Felt Too and Cast's Off, the Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting that I will enjoy while eating the yummy chocolate covered raspberries! AND THEN she sent me home with not one, not two, but three skeins of beautiful Noro multi-colored yarn for me to try making my first felted bag! Thank you so much.
Always grateful to call you my friend,

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lucy's pkg arrived today

Thank you for the beautiful bookmark, sachet, candies and paperback book

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lookie what I got!!!

And I got it from Wendi!! Thanks Wendi!!! My Sweetie Man and I laughed out loud at the little crab bookmark cause that exact same evening he bought crab legs (my favorite meal) for dinner! That bookmark is just so adorable. My son was eyeing up the chocolate but I wouldn't let him sample it till I took my picture! I just ran out of notepaper also so that was another perfect goodie! And of course....who doesn't like a new book to read!!!! Thanks so much again!!! I've sent out two packages this for Wendi and one for Joanne! Get ready to attack the mailman, girls! Hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Swap Updates!

Ready for new partners:


Anyone else???

Current Swaps:

*Joanne sends to Lucy (3/26) - sent and received. Done.*
*Lucy sends to Michelle H. (3/26) - sent and assumed received. Done*
Michelle H. sends to Joanne (3/26) - not sent (6/15R). Lucy sending replacement pkg.

*Christine sends to Kris - (4/30) - sent and Kris received. Done*
Kris sends to Christine - (4/30) - soon
Pancy sends to Jill - (4/30) - Sent
*Jill sends to Joan - (4/30) -Sent and Joan Received. Done.*
Joan sends to Pancy (4/30) - Sent
*Kristyn sends to Juli (4/30) - Kristyn sent and Juli received. Done*
Juli sends to Kristyn (4/30) - Soon

Lucy sends to Wendi (5/12)
Wendi sends to Lucy (5/12)

My Package from Jill!

Just look at the delightful loot I received in the package Jill sent me (from Kansas) that arrived yesterday!

I'm really looking forward to reading something of Joyce Carol Oates (never have, but others have recommended her to me, too). Jill sent The Tattooed Girl and highly recommends it. M&Ms are always a hit. The finger light (show in plastic packaging above), and "Books I've Read" journal will come in handy. And when I get done with the Hitchcock mystery magazine, I'll pass it to my 84 yo mother (a real Hitchcock fan).

And, of course, one can never have too many bookmarks, eh!

Check out what Jill made this time. It's really cool - just craft wire and beads, but really effective. I love it:

Thanks so much, Jill!

And, Pancy, your package went out Priority Mail this morning. I'm soooooooo sorry to be so late, but thanks for your kind understanding and patience.

Blessings to you all!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Who is ready for a new partner???

Anyone ready for a new partner???? Let me know, and I'll start making a list!!

Hugs! Juli

Thank you Kristyn! :)

Yesterday I received a package from Kristyn!

She sent me "Skeletons'' by Kate Wilhelm, some wonderful Hershey's sugar free chocolate (I shared it with the kids....that's why the bag isn't in the photo), some awesome Stash Tea, and a bookmark made with pretty variegated SNC cotton.

Thank you Kristyn!!

The book sounds like a fabulous creepy read! This is what is says on the back cover:

"Lee Donne is an appendix of a family of overachievers. Her mother has three doctorates, her father is an economics genius, and her grandfather is a world-renowned Shakespearean scholar. After four years of college and three majors, Lee is nowhere closer to a degree. With little better to do, she agrees to house-sit for her grandfather.

"But the quiet stay she envisioned ends abruptly when she begins to hear strange noises at night. Something is hidden in the house...and someone is determined to find it. Suddenly, Lee finds herself caught in a game of cat and mouse, the reasons for which she doesn't understand. but when the FBI arrives on the doorstep, she realizes that the house may hold dark secrets that go beyond her own family. And that sometimes, long-buried skeletons rise up from the grave.....''

Oh creepy big time!!! I can't wait to read it!!!

**And Kristyn, I apologize for your package being late. I will have it in the mail on Monday. The teenagers absolutely bled us dry money-wise for the past month, and I didn't have any free cash to spend on postage. Gee, teenagers are expensive! But the summer is here -- no more school fees!!**

Swap Updates! :)

Joanne sends to Lucy (3/26) - sent and received.
Lucy sends to Michelle H. (3/26) - sent and assumed received.
Michelle H. sends to Joanne (3/26) - not sent. Lucy sending replacement pkg. (6/15 R)

Christine sends to Kris - (4/30) - sent and Kris received.
Kris sends to Christine - (4/30) - soon
Pancy sends to Jill - (4/30) - Sent
Jill sends to Joan - (4/30) -Sent
Joan sends to Pancy (4/30) -
Kristyn sends to Juli (4/30) - Kristyn sent and Juli received.
Juli sends to Kristyn (4/30) -

Lucy sends to Wendi (5/12)
Wendi sends to Lucy (5/12)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Two partners? Lost email

Lucy, are you doing two bookmark swaps at the same time??? Wow. You busy!

I can't find your emai on your blog or in my old email. Sorry. Can you send me again. Thanks!


P.S. I got stuffs for you today but gotta work on that bookmarker. Here is teaser pic.