Tuesday, October 10, 2006

WOW! Thanks Heather

Thank you so much Heather. We received your parcel today and are just.. thrilled!

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My daughter doesn't even realise there is a second handbag for her, she took that cradle purse and went crazy with it! She's totally in love with the cradle purse and the tiny doll inside, which I much say is super cute! I think for now I will put the second purse aside and save it for when she deserves a new present.

The bookmarks are simply gorgeous!! I have never seen a bookmark as large as the pineapple one. The beads on both are perfect finishing touches. I can tell you have a lot of pride in your work. I love all the other trinkets too. The pins will be great keepsakes for my daughter, and she is so curious about to tooth fairy pillow, only I am not ready to tell her her teeth will fall out in a few years!! lol I am sure the pin cushion will be used often and the magnet is so sweet! I just love what it says on the back about Trolls, as though they're just the average creature you'll see roaming the hillsides in Norway. It's fantastic you've had designs published in Crochet World and I truly hope your trinket box is accepted. It was such a joy to study it and see how you'd made it. What a chubby little kitty you're going to have so you an steal the sardine tins!! My nanna (gran) has already stolen the novel to read as she is an avid crime reader, and when I took my items to show her she asked if she could read it as she'd just finished one and needed another.

I am waiting in anticipation until such time as your package arrives. Hopefully it will be soon! I think you will have a little chuckle when you see some of what I made you. I have had so much fun in my first swap and look forward to meeting another of the lovely ladies here very soon. Take care all, Shell xxx