Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Want a new partner???

Those who want new partners so far are:

Sue S.

Anyone else?? i will be assigning new partners on Friday. :)

Hugs! Juli

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hi gals -- sorry for being AWOL

I'm back! I got sidetracked by summer stuff, teenagers and a 3-year old. Plus, I started a new diet/exercise program that took up a lot of my time, until I got used to the way it works. I just haven't had much online time for the last couple of weeks......I apologize to everyone.

I'm back now!!!

Please......if you want a new partner, post a comment to this post, or email me. I will assign new partners in the next couple of days.

Here's a swap update:

Ready for new partners:


Anyone else???

Current Swaps:

Michelle H. sends to Joanne (3/26) - not sent. Removed from group - 7/15. *Lucy sent replacement pkg. Received. Done.*

*Christine sends to Kris. Kris sends to Christine - (4/30) - both sent and received. Done*
Pancy sends to Jill - (4/30) - Sent* Received????
*Jill sends to Joan - (4/30) -Sent and Joan Received. Done.*
*Joan sends to Pancy (4/30) - Sent and received. Done *

*Kristyn sends to Juli. Juli sends to Kristyn (4/30) - Both sent and received. Done.*

*Lucy sends to Wendi (5/12)Wendi sends to Lucy (5/12) - both sent and received. Done. *

Friday, July 13, 2007

Juli? You okay out there?

Hi Juli,

Just checking in to make sure all is well. I haven't heard or seen anything about the next swap, though your call for partners went out over a month ago.

And I checked with Pancy, and she did receive my package quite a while ago (in May), but it's still not showing as "received" on the last swap update (again about a month ago).

I'm just concerned -- it's not like you to go so long without posting.

Anybody out there know anything?

I hope you're well, safe, and healthy (you and your loved ones).

Just wanted to check in.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lucy sent me this and more way back in June and I'm just getting to post it now. Notice her beautiful cross-stitch handiwork. The mini M&Ms have been carefully chilled and S-L-O-W-L-Y doled out on especially hot days to various members of my family. We try to savor our sugar, otherwise my kids go nutso with sugar high.

I love the bookmark, and my oldest keeps holding it and carrying it around and wrapping it around her hands so I have to keep retrieving it and reminding her that it is for books not hands. Those are her favorite colors and it is also very soft. The book, by the way, was GOLD. I read the whole thing the very day it arrived.

Thank you, Lucy!