Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Package from Jill!

Just look at the delightful loot I received in the package Jill sent me (from Kansas) that arrived yesterday!

I'm really looking forward to reading something of Joyce Carol Oates (never have, but others have recommended her to me, too). Jill sent The Tattooed Girl and highly recommends it. M&Ms are always a hit. The finger light (show in plastic packaging above), and "Books I've Read" journal will come in handy. And when I get done with the Hitchcock mystery magazine, I'll pass it to my 84 yo mother (a real Hitchcock fan).

And, of course, one can never have too many bookmarks, eh!

Check out what Jill made this time. It's really cool - just craft wire and beads, but really effective. I love it:

Thanks so much, Jill!

And, Pancy, your package went out Priority Mail this morning. I'm soooooooo sorry to be so late, but thanks for your kind understanding and patience.

Blessings to you all!


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