Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Just Checking In!

Hi everybody, there's not much reading getting done around here. Luckily though I don't have to pack all my books - that would have decided me against going :-? We're moving stuff into storage on Saturday and my brother and his wife move into our house that day. Then it's just one more week until we leave!

Check out the mess pics on our travel blog ;-)

Ciao, Diane

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thank you, KARLA!!!!!!

This past weekend I received a super package from Karla. AWESOME!!!!!

I love getting books in the mail....and as you can see she crocheted a beautiful bookmark as well as giving me a cute bee one and a few other goodies including great stitch markers which I do use and beautiful yarn. The colors in that yarn are so so pretty too....thank you sooooooo much Karla. Okay, so I started reading the book too...just couldn't's really good!!!
Okay, Juli....I'm ready for my next exhange.....already have my book and marker planned out! Bring it on!!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

It's on it's way..

Hi Heather,

I mailed your puffy today. And boy am I sorry... They told me how much each form of transport was going to be, so I selected one and filled out the declarations etc. Then, and only then, did they tell me it was going to take 6weeks!! I am really truly sorry. I couldnt change my mind as they'd stuck huge stickers all over the parcel!

Next time I will be very aware of that and look it up on the AusPost website first. I've only ever sent letters overseas before so this was new all round.

That said and done, it's in the mail and on it's way. I hope you like it. Thanks for being my partner.

Kindest Regards

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Current Swaps

These are the exchanges currently in the works:

Karla and Lucy - Karla has received.
Esta and Sue H. - Sue has received.
Sue S. and Heather - both sent and received.
Lisa and Kristyn
Juli and Moze
Heather and Michelle

Did I miss anyone, or any updates??? If you're ready for a new partner, let me know! :)


Welcome Pansy!!!

We have a new member -- please give a warm welcome to Pansy!!

Anyone ready for a new swap partner??? Let me know if you'd like to swap with Pansy!!

Hugs! Juli

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Thank you to Lucy for the awesome package she sent to me!

I was very excited to find "Kate Remembered" at the bottom of the box of goodies. As I was reading your lovely notecard, Lucy, (with the purple flowers and fluttering butterflies - wow!), and got to the part where you mentioned "Katherine" and "movies", I thought to myself "No! She didn't send me that book on Katherine Hepburn, did she?" And I literally pushed everything aside in the box to reach in and grab that book off the bottom, squealing with delight when I saw that you HAD! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You had no idea that I had wanted to read this book. Noone probably knew that but me. So to see it in the box was just awesome! I also just LOVED the gorgeously crocheted and blocked bookmark in white and lavender. You obviously took some time and care in presenting it. And I love the color of lavender! The extras were just icing on the cake, a skein of yarn, tea to relax with, the beautiful cross-stitch kit of the tea cup scene, the lovely notecard of purple flowers and butterflies with its wax seal and the butterfly imprint in the wax, and finally the "tampon" angel that made me chuckle. I can't say that I rightly knew WHAT to think about that. ha ha!

It was a wonderful package, and I thank you once again for the thought you put into it. I loved EVERYTHING!

August Swap from Lucy

Oh, btw, I am running behind, but I haven't forgotten my package to you! Hopefully I can get it off to you this week! Can't wait!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Loved Them Both!

I just finished reading the second of the two books Juli sent me in our exchange. They were "Mrs Jefferies Stands Corrected" by Emily Brightwell and "The Cat Who Said Cheese" by Lilian Jackson Braun.

They were both great. Juli picked out two books by authors I'd never read before and I enjoyed them both so much that I will be on the hunt now for more. "The Cat Who Said Cheese" made me hungry the whole way through - it is based around a small town food festival.

My friends are queuing up now to borrow them.

Thanks Juli!

A Big Thank You!

To Esta.

A lovely parcel arrived for me today all the way from Australia - in 5 days! The bookmark is very pretty. Esta also sent a postcard, a nice selection of teas, some chocolate, stickers, buttons but best of all - some wool to spin!

Thanks very much Esta, I love the gifts you sent me. :-)