Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hi gals -- sorry for being AWOL

I'm back! I got sidetracked by summer stuff, teenagers and a 3-year old. Plus, I started a new diet/exercise program that took up a lot of my time, until I got used to the way it works. I just haven't had much online time for the last couple of weeks......I apologize to everyone.

I'm back now!!!

Please......if you want a new partner, post a comment to this post, or email me. I will assign new partners in the next couple of days.

Here's a swap update:

Ready for new partners:


Anyone else???

Current Swaps:

Michelle H. sends to Joanne (3/26) - not sent. Removed from group - 7/15. *Lucy sent replacement pkg. Received. Done.*

*Christine sends to Kris. Kris sends to Christine - (4/30) - both sent and received. Done*
Pancy sends to Jill - (4/30) - Sent* Received????
*Jill sends to Joan - (4/30) -Sent and Joan Received. Done.*
*Joan sends to Pancy (4/30) - Sent and received. Done *

*Kristyn sends to Juli. Juli sends to Kristyn (4/30) - Both sent and received. Done.*

*Lucy sends to Wendi (5/12)Wendi sends to Lucy (5/12) - both sent and received. Done. *


Blogger Lucy said...

Ah...what the heck...throw me back in!!!

1:50 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Hi, I would like a partner. This is Sue S from Connecticut

12:28 PM  

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