Friday, April 20, 2007

Big thank you.....and an apology

I just realized today that I never posted a picture of the wonderful bookmark swap package that Joan sent me!! Above is a photo of the great books she sent me....the one on the left is one she wrote! :)

She also sent 2 packages of coffee,, a packet of almonds and 2 candy bars, plus several bookmarks!!! :) Thank you so much Joan! I'm so sorry it took me so long to get a picture up to show everyone. I was sick....then the computer went down....then I was sick again. Ugh! I'm just now catching up with everything.
And.....I owe Joan an apology. With being ill and having PC problems, I am late in mailing out her package. I'm sorry Joan. The good news is that your package is all ready to go, and will be going out in Saturday's mail by Priority Post so it should be arriving to you very soon!!!
Again, I apologize for its lateness.
Hugs! Juli


Blogger Joan said...

Hi Juli,

No need to apologize!!! My goodness, with all you've been through of late, I understand comletely!!! Please don't worry on my account. I'm just glad you're feeling better and that you've gotten your computer glitches worked out (how frutsrating!). Blessings, Joan (who absolutely LOVES your neck of the woods after out trip to the Smokies over Easter and the week after -- can I move there NOW?!!!)

9:38 AM  

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