Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Received from Christine

Ooooooo, Christine, I love the goodies! The bookmarks are beautiful! That's so funny that we almost sent each other the same book. Of course the cookies were half gone in five minutes, so was the tea for that matter. Yummos! I've been looking for adequate ground cover for our desolate yard. The wildflower mix is perfect! And yarn! Ah, yarn. YARN! I'm thinking, knit bacteria, a fish...You watch, some interesting critter will soon emerge. Thank you so much!

I had to take separate pics of the bookmarks to post because they are so NEATO! I want to put the fiber one in a page protector, it's so pretty.

Michael Crichton is always a favorite for me.

Many mahalos,
Wendi in HI



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