Sunday, April 08, 2007

Offline for a couple days.....

hi gals! Just wanted to let you know that I will be offline for a couple of days. Our computer is having major problems. I just finally got it up and going temporarily to come on to post has to go into the shop for a reformat on Monday.

As soon as we get it back from the shop, I'll be back online and can update swap info and answer emails, etc. :)

Joan -- I received your package!!! Oh my! I love everything!!! Your package is ready to go, and is sitting on my dining room table. I can't get into the database or anything on this silly computer to get your address.....the documents are all backed up though. So, as soon as I get this back, and my handy-dandy MS Office is reinstalled, I will be able to address your package and send it on its way. I'm sorry it's going out late....I got behind because of a severe cold, then the computer crashed......ARGH! lol. I will send you a delivery confirm # when I get your package in the mail to you. :)

Hugs! Juli


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