Saturday, August 19, 2006


My parcel from Juli arrived yesterday! It has taken 5 weeks to make its way from the US to the UK and poor Juli has been harrassing USPS trying to find out where it had got to. It was well worth the wait! I've just finished reading the book and thoroughly enjoyed it, the bookmark is just gorgeous. I don't crochet so I love it even more.
Esta your parcel will be going in the post sometime next week (when I can escape from work long enough to get to the post office!).

Sue H


Blogger Juli said...

I'm glad you liked the package Sue!! Sorry that it floated around in the mail for awhile! I do have to say that once I complained about it to the postal service, your package arrived Fast! Might have just been a coincidence, but I'm going to thank our local postmaster anyway! She checked on your package every day after I asked her to trace it....she's good at her job!

1:01 PM  
Blogger Lucy said...

I've made that same bookmark in is as pretty in red.

3:55 PM  
Blogger esta's bookmarks said...

Hello Sue, Your parcel should be there any day now.


7:34 AM  

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