Saturday, June 03, 2006

Emails sent out!

We are up to 12 members now!! Everyone has been assigned their first swap partner -- I sent out the emails this morning! Let me know if you didn't get yours. Sorry about not getting them out sooner.

**New members can join the swap at any time -- I'll assign you a partner as we go along.**

New swaps:

Esta and Ashley - 6/03
Please complete your swap within 30 days. Have fun gals!!!

When you've completed this first swap, just let me know when you want a new partner!

And please remember to post a thank you to the swap blog when you receive your package.

Hugs! Juli


Blogger esta said...

Hello, Here are my survey answers.
What genre of books?
Murder, Horror, Crime, Womens Fiction, Biographies, Documentary, Historical
I don't enjoy Mills and Boon.
What sort of bookmarks - ANY
Favourite Colors - ANY
Colors I don't like - Black, Navy
What sort of theme - ANY
Any themes you wouldn't like - NO
Can I Send Internationaly - YES
Extra Goodies - A postcard please
What crafts - Crochet and knit, origami

8:06 AM  

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