Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bookmark Exchange!

Bookmarks are small craft projects that are easy to carry to appointments, to work, wherever the crafty bug strikes you! They can be made using all sorts of crafts -- crochet, knitting, beadwork, plastic canvas, needlepoint, sewing.......choices and themes are nearly unlimited!

So I thought I would start this exchange blog to gather up crafters who are interested in exchanging bookmarks and who love to read! Swappers will exchange a hand-made bookmark and a book of their choice with their swap partners.

Inexpensive books are easy to find! Cheap books are available at yard sales, thrift shops, library sales, used book stores. Or even books that you've already read and want to pass on! If you want to add more fun to the exchange, check out www.bookcrossing.com . Bookcrossing allows you to put a tag on a book and register it. Then you send or give the book to someone, and they pass it along when they're done. You can log onto the site and see all the places your book has travelled. It's really neat!

If you want to join in, please fill out the survey. I will add links to your blogs as I receive completed surveys. This will be an ongoing exchange for those who want to continue exchanging. After your first initial partner, when you are ready to exchange again just contact me and I'll match you up with another swapper. This allows everyone to exchange at their own pace. Please complete your swaps within 30 days.

If you have any questions, just drop me an email. :) To sign up, please complete the survey located here.

I will post more about when exchanging will begin when we have enough signed up to start.



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