Sunday, May 06, 2007

Excuse the Interuption.....

.......and the off subject post......but.....

There's a new "swap'' group I thought members here might be interested in...

It's called the "Unswap''

I know we all buy gorgeous yarns, neat patterns, etc and spend a lot of time making gorgeous handmade goodies.....then we box them up and send them to someone else. Exchanges are a lot of fun.....but many of us never seem to find the time to make something awesome for ourselves!

So......the Unswap! You gather the yarn, pattern, notions, other goodies......make something gorgeous....and, send it TO NOBODY. It's yours!

No deadlines. No postage. No stress. No hassle. It's a labor of self-love. :) And a great excuse to grab that special yarn you've been eyeing, or to finally make that one project you've had in mind for a long time....

Members of the group will post photos/messages to the blog about what they're working on, their progress, etc......and group members will also be able to help with pattern questions, give advice on yarns, etc. It's a great way to make some new crafty friends, or enhance friendships with folks you already know, and have fun making something nice for yourself! :)

Instructions for joining the group is on the group blog.

Ok.....I'm done interupting bookmark chat now! :)

Hugs! Juli


Blogger Marjie said...

hey...this swap thing looks like something i'll be interested in. but i'm wondering: how does it work?

11:18 PM  

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