Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm excited to join this swap!

I'm excited about this new swap that I just covers all of my favorites: books, knitting, and swaps. Thanks to those who are hosting this, and have a wonderful weekend.
Here's my exchange survey:

1. What genre of books do you enjoy most? (i.e. mystery, romance, horror, historical, biographies, autobiographies, fantasy, sci-fi, etc) I enjoy medical mysteries, Christian fiction, books on travel, local cookbooks, knitting fiction mysteries.

2. What sort of bookmarks do you like best? (long, short, lacy/elegant, fun/cute, corner, tasselled, etc) I'm not picky, but I love fun, quirky short bookmarks...tasseled or book thong-type bookmarks are nice, as well as knitted or crocheted, etc. Also the layered paper or ATC-look. Very nice!

3. What are your favorite colors? My favorite colors are jewel-tones (bright batik colors),
or cherry red, or a combo of chocolate brown and pink (think of chocolate-covered cherries!)

4. Are there any colors you don't like? neon colors, or baby pink,blues, mint green, or yellow;
plain brown or orange aren't favorites. :)

5. What sort of "theme'' would you like your bookmark to be? Hmmm...I like themes regarding: knitting, dragonflies, coffee, chocolates...Bible verses, too.

6. Are there any "themes'' that you wouldn't like?? no scary or "new age" things, I guess.

7. Can you send internationally? Prefer to keep shipping within the USA at this time as I'm already involved in another international swap, but I am willing to do international shipping.

8. If your partner wants to send along extra goodies (like tea, candy, cocoa, etc), what do you enjoy? And is there anything you don't like/can't have?? I love coffee (esp. Dunkin Donuts), cocoa, Swedish Fish candies, and all sorts of milk and dark chocolates.

9. What crafts are you going to use to make your bookmarks? Is there a particular craft type you would like to receive? (knitted bookmarks, plastic canvas, etc) I will either make a knitted bookmark, or a beaded book thong type with theme/crystal and glass bead in colors of swappers choice, or even a quilted bookmark, depending on what the swapper likes best from their profile. I also can cross-stitch, but not crochet. I like the same above types, too.
See question #2. :)

10. Do you have any allergies??? None

11. Do you smoke, have cats/dogs, or anything that other members might be allergic to?? We have a smoke-free home, have 2 dogs and 2 cats, but the cats aren't around the yarn.


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