Thursday, February 01, 2007

Briana's Answers

1. What genre of books do you enjoy most? (i.e. mystery, romance, horror, historical, biographies, autobiographies, fantasy, sci-fi, etc) sci-fi, fantasy, bios, pop fiction. _not romance2.

2.What sort of bookmarks do you like best? (long, short, lacy/elegant, fun/cute, corner, tasselled, etc) not knitted not too thick not corner

3.your favorite colors? cherry red, gray, browns...

4. Any colors you don't like? aqua

5.What sort of "theme'' would you like your bookmark to be? maybe scottish or kitsch?

6. Are there any "themes'' that you wouldn't like? iconography

7.Can you send internationally? yes

8. If your partner wants to send along extra goodies (like tea, candy, cocoa, etc), what do you enjoy? And is there anything you don't like/can't have?? I drink almost everything hot! I love fabric... papers, beads..

9. What crafts are you going to use to make your bookmarks? Is there a particular craft type you would like to receive? (knitted bookmarks, plastic canvas, etc) I like to decopague...

10. Do you have any allergies??? smoke, have cats/dogs, or anything that other members might be allergic to?? I have a hypoallergenic dog - a cockapoo

- Briana


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