Sunday, March 18, 2007


Ready for new partners:

Michele H.

Who else is ready to swap again????

Swap Updates:
Barb and Karla (1/21/07) Barb - sent. Karla - sent and received.
**Samantha and Pancy (1/21/07) both sent and received.**
**Briana and Lucy (1/21/07) - Both sent and received. **

**Shannon and Michele H . (2/04) - Both sent and rec.**
**Christine and Michelle O. (2/04) - both sent and received. **
Amy O. sends to Juli (2/04) - Not sent. ** Amy O. Removed from swap group**
Juli sends to Kris (2/04) - Sent to Kris. **No pkg rec from Amy.**
**Kris sends to Amy O. (2/04) - Kris sent to Amy and rec from Juli.**

Lucy and Evelyn (2/13) - Lucy sent. Evelyn rec
**Andrea and Briana (2/13) - Both sent and rec.**
**Lene and Juli (2/13) - Juli - Both sent and received.**

**Swaps assigned 2/13 and not sent are late. Please send ASAP!**

Jill (newbie) and Kris (3/05)
Amanda (newbie) sends to Christine (3/05)
Christine sends to Wendi (newbie) (3/05)
Wendi sends to Amanda (newbie) (3/05)
Juli and Joan (newbie) (3/05)


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