Monday, March 05, 2007

New Member from Hawaii

Aloha! Mom of 2 girls. I'maknitta. Was very impresed by Joan's bio. Whoa. I'm just an attachment parenting, cloth diapering, SAHM.

1. Genre of books I enjoy the most: chick lit, mystery like Dan Brown, or drama like Michael Crichton, silly stuff like Undead and Unappreciated. I mostly listen to stuff on my ipod while I knit, water the yard, wash dishes, knit.

2. Bookmars like best: thin ones, not tasselled (comes off when kids play with them), anything long and fun

3. Favorite colors: Green! Darker purple, red, pastels too. I like lime green too.

4. Colors don't like: not fond of black or white things, former can bleed on to other stuff, latter can show dirt easily

5. Themes I like: knitting! yarn. chocolate. coffee. yarn. crochet. did i say knitting. nature is good too.

6. Themes not like: gruesome stuff not my thing, but then, why would anyone make a gruesome bookmark? i'm thinking monster crochet gruesome, although very interesting, not wanna see in my book all the time

7. Send international: sure, why not.

8. Extra goodies I would enjoy: dark chocolate, yarn, tea. Not gummies or sucking things like lollies or hard candy.

9. Crafts I to use for bookmark: crochet
Craft type I'd like to receive: any, maybe not plastic cuz will be bigger inside a book

10. Allergies: none but cigaretted smoke does bother my nose

11. Allergens I have: none. birdies outside in cage.

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