Thursday, November 16, 2006

Michelle--it arrived!!!!!

I just received my goodies from Michelle in Australia and boy did she spoil me big time. First, the bubble package she used to mail her items was soooo cute! Then, it was just like opening up a Christmas stocking 'cause Michelle had wrapped each item separately.These include a book which I know that I will enjoy, titled "Summer in Tuscany"by Elizabeth Adler, a puzzle book called Arro Words which I have never seen before but am dying to try out, 2 beautiful postcards, an applique of the Australian Flag, a little bag of polished stones (I'll use them in my jewelry making projects), a starfish bookmark done in size 20 thread which is really too funny because I had sent her the same pattern only in a size 10 thread, a beautiful, delicate, little needle case in peach which I absolutely adore, a packet of green tea incense rods with holder, a tin of Australian Outback Tea which has the recipe for Damper and the instructions to brew tea in a billy can, a sheet of butterfly seals to use on cards and letters, and last but not least an authentic Australian boomerang and directions for its use. Michelle also included a hand written letter and a colour brochure of her community. THANK YOU MICHELLE. You made my day as I have been under the weather with some flu bug that has been doing the rounds and I was ready for some cheering up. I have taken a picture of all the lovely things you sent and will try to post it here soon as I find out how to do that. Guess you and I are ready to move on to new partners. Let's keep in touch as well just for the fun of it!


Blogger yarnmamapanj said...

Yay!! I am happy for ya! Sounds like she spoiled you royally! LOL
I can't wait to see the pictures!!

6:23 PM  
Blogger Shell said...

oh YES YES YES YES YES!!! At long last.

Heather I was so worried it was another one to write off to the school of hopeless posties!

I am glad it cheered you up. And you made me Cupcakes turtle, not her starfish lol. I REALLY wanted to do a swan but could find nada! I had no idea what to send so I am very glad to hear your pleased. The polished stones come from my local area and are almost as cheap to buy as a postcard! I'm glad you do jewelry making, I didn't know that but it's good to know they will be used. I figured they'd get glued to something lol

The puzzle book I sent is by an Australian company who make soooo many different kinds of puzzle books but that one is one of my faves. Just remember it will be Aus spelling in there (flavour-flavor/neighbour-neighbor etc). Hope it isnt too tricky. I got a UK crossword book free on a mag once and even the clues make no sense to me!

I'd love to keep in touch. I've had a lot of fun getting to know you. At least I know now to TRACK my postage lol.

To upload a pic you *should* be able to click "blog this" at the top of the page, write your msg (you can edit your current post too) and click the "insert picture" button, browse for the pic on your pc and it will hopefully appear. I can email you a pictorial step by step if it helps :) computers can be so tricky!

I'm so happy. This is just as good a feeling as when my package arrived!!!

1:08 AM  
Blogger Shell said...

I forgot to add, I was going to put in the note "feel free to line the needlecase and/or add "pages to it" and forgot. Yep, I am good at forgetting. Anyway, my sewing skills are sooo bad and I wasn't going to ruin my work by trying!! I stuck the pins in there just so you knew what I had intended it for lol

1:10 AM  
Blogger your worryship said...

Morning Shell
Boy did I ever show my age with that post thanking you for the package!!!I was so sure that I had sent you the starfish bookmark!!! Oh well, the one you sent me is so cute----I had only made one in size 10 and it does turn out a lot bigger! I have already enjoyed some of the tea. My cold/sore throat is mending---was worried that it might stick around for a few weeks as has happened to others here. Must be a tough old bird.LOL. You can now rest easy knowing that the package got here okay.I found a swan bookmark pattern by Kathryn A. White at Looks quite pretty but I haven't had time to try it out yet.We have had terrible weather for the past week. High winds and record rainfalls which have caused road wash outs,flooding and poer outages in many parts of Vancouver Island.On a more positive note, our Village office just got high-speed internet YAY!!! Local residents will be next in line for the service. I can't wait to get rid of this dial-up. SOOOO Slowwwwww.Thank you for the instructions for uploading photos. I will have to try it out.

10:31 AM  
Blogger Shell said...

Hey Heather

I did actually see that one, and I did find one other that wasn't actually a bookmark but I was making it in 40 cotton so it would have worked, only I couldn't follow either pattern very well! I did try them both!! lol. Shouldn't admit things like that eh :D

It must be so exciting to be getting faster internet. Our town had out a public poll getting rough numbers of who would actually purchase it, and until they had a certain number they couldn't go ahead. Even though the school, shire/council and mine all had it already. Sounds ridiculous.

I am so glad to hear you're feeling better!!

Take care

8:38 PM  

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